Leader in Identity-Preserved Non-GMO, Organic and Certified Transitional Corn and Soy Food Ingredients

For over 40 years, Clarkson has been an industry pioneer in the production and supply of Non-GMO and organic corn and soybeans. Clarkson’s unique niche product focus and supply chain management begins with nurturing relationships with our farmer partners to produce consistent, high-quality specialty corns and soybeans. These row crops, and their derivatives, provide an array of ingredients needed to produce healthy, nutritious consumer food products.

Our Non-GMO and Organic Food Ingredients

Food manufacturers have come to know Clarkson not only as a company that delivers high-quality, consistent organic, Certified Transitional and Non-GMO specialty corns, soybeans and soy ingredients, but more importantly, a company dedicated to their success. Our expertise in grain-based applications helps our customers produce on-trend food products while maximizing profits. Accountability is critical to us …and Clarkson delivers.

Our Grower Partners

Our commitment to partnering with our family of growers is a driving force in our mutual success. From seed to final harvest, Clarkson works hand-in-hand with our farmers to instill pride of ownership in their crops. Not every farmer passes the Clarkson test – only the most committed are chosen to join our team. But once the partnership is formed, farmers know they can rely on us to work with them every step of the way to ensure a profitable path to market for their value-added crops.

From planting to product delivery, Clarkson cultivates success with integrity and pride.



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Identity Preservation

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  • Organic by QAI
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