Clarkson Specialty Corns and Soybeans are all Non-GMO

Clarkson provides selected hybrids of Non-GMO corn and soybean varieties that meet the specific product and process requirements of food manufacturers. Some of these varieties belong to Clarkson while others are available through standard commercial channels. We select them by comparative testing with food processing clients and university labs. You may choose Non-GMO and Certified Organic or Certified Transitional. All are 100% Identity-Preserved, so you buy with confidence from Clarkson.

We’re very proud of our exclusive varieties. One example is our Non-GMO Indigo Blue corn, which is a perfect ingredient for chips and tortillas. Our food manufacturing customers appreciate the incredible consistency of these corns.

The same can be said of our soybeans. Since Clarkson has varieties that provide unique characteristics, they deliver distinctive flavor and nutritional profiles to food processors.

Supply Contracts

Clarkson sells grains, oilseeds and ingredients on spot, annual and multiple year contracts. There is an advantage to annual or quarterly supply contracts over spot contacts because they give better control over quantity, price risk and availability. We ship on your schedule or your call. For some customers, we can monitor inventory for you and ship to cover your consumption.

Clarkson assists you in identifying hybrids, varieties and qualities to optimize your market success. We then supply all your needs from that selection, providing the segregation protocols needed to insure market security. We also offer assistance by our own Ph.D. food scientist to help you optimize products made with our ingredients.

Clarkson offers fixed price or fixed futures basis contracts for Non-GMO, organic and Certified Transitional products. We offer all the normal contemporary pricing choices on conventional raw materials including exchanging futures.