Specialty Non-GMO Corn Hybrids Provide Consistency and Performance in Foods


Indigo Blue Corn

Identity-Preserved, Non-GMO – Exclusive To Clarkson

Our Non-GMO Indigo Blue corn meets the challenges of today’s food processors for a deeply colored kernel that is characterized by:

  • Non-GMO
  • Identity-Preserved – traceable to American farms
  • Stable and consistent deep blue color that is stable in chips and tortillas, as well as cereals and snacks
  • Genetic consistency that delivers consistent cooking and processing characteristics so you can maintain product quality with standardized processing parameters
  • High level of antioxidants
  • Mild nutty flavor
  • Up to 25% higher protein than other corns meaning more structural integrity
  • Consistent supply – contracted with farmers directly to meet our customer demands
  • Organic and Certified Transitional also available

Indigo Blue corn makes fantastic corn chips and tasty tortillas, and are great in cereals and snacks. Most other blue corns are open-pollinated. They vary kernel to kernel, farm to farm, and supplier to supplier. Clarkson Hybrid Indigo Blue is raised under Non-GMO, organic and Certified Transitional protocols in several locales, and your results will be the same batch to batch, and year to year.

Indigo Blue comes cleaned, conditioned and ready to cook. Certified Organic by QAI, Kosher by KSA and inspected yearly by AIB.

White Corn

Identity-Preserved, Non-GMO, and Organic or Certified Transitional

Our Non-GMO white corns are selected by hybrid through comparison testing to optimize process yield and market advantage. They are produced from both commercial and our exclusive hybrids to meet your specific product and process requirements. Clarkson offers:

  • Non-GMO
  • Identity-Preserved – traceable to American farms
  • High-quality food grade white corn, cleaned and ready to cook
  • Standard in-house testing for quality, mycotoxin screening, GMO content
  • Organic and Certified Transitional also available

Clarkson offers some white corn hybrids that offer distinct advantages:

  • Absorbs water twice as fast as commodity corns
  • Cools with less energy
  • Gels at lower temperatures
  • Higher protein levels
  • Pleasing sweet taste

Yellow Corn

Identity-Preserved, Non-GMO, and Organic or Certified Transitional

Clarkson offers a range of yellow corn hybrids, each of which conveys a unique color, taste, endosperm hardness, water absorption rates and other process features. We work with you to select the yellow corn hybrid best for your product and processing requirements. Since hybrid choice determines perhaps 70% of cooking characteristics, we avoid blending and supply our customers from a single variety, traceable to the farms where it was grown.

Waxy Dent Corn

Identity-Preserved, Non-GMO, and Organic or Certified Transitional

Clarkson waxy dent corn hybrids deliver the functional benefits of nearly 100% amylopectin or waxy starch. Waxy dent corn works especially well as a thickener or stabilizer in pies, soups, baby food and other processed foods, as well as in industrial materials such as paper adhesives. By way of comparison, regular dent corn contains 75% amylopectin and 25% amylose. Amylopectin is a branched form of starch. Amylose is an unbranched or linear form. Test weights and protein levels generally exceed those of yellow dent corns with similar maturity.

There is very little production of open market waxy corn. Most waxy is produced by farmers under contract, which is the way Clarkson works with our producers. Clarkson offers one white and two yellow waxy hybrids. We are happy to provide you with samples of waxy hybrids to test in your plant or at a preferred lab. From those results, we select one or more hybrids that work best for you.

If you want waxy, we recommend testing followed by contracting. To get appropriate seed allocation and enlist the best farmers, we like to start contracting farm production no later than December 1 of each year.

Contact us to discuss which Non-GMO corn hybrid is right for you.