Identity-Preserved Corn and Soybeans Traceable to Their Fields of Origin

In today’s food industry, the use of Identity-Preserved food ingredients has become an increasingly important issue. The quality and safety of your food products are increasingly dependent upon knowing with certainty the source of the ingredients used.

At Clarkson, we take identity preservation seriously, and have designed our business around its assurance. Our Identity-Preserved corns and oilseeds are traceable to American farms that grew them. And within our storage and processing operations, the systems have been designed to assure that this identity is protected.

Our customers love this. In fact, they can visit the farms and talk to the farmers that grew the corn or soybeans. Our farmers love this as well, since they can learn first-hand how the fruit of their labor ends up on the supermarket shelf. It’s definitely a win/win for both our customers and the Clarkson family of farmers.